New hopes thanks to you!

The early results of our 3 year research project at UCL/ Moorfields Eyes Hospital are in!

Out of the 4 drugs we tested to potentially slow down the sight loss, 1 is showing promising signs on all 3 cell lines (2 showed limited impact and 1 did not show any effect).

The lead candidate is a well known drug already used to treat neurological conditions.

A lot more is needed to validate, understand dosing, ensure safety and eventually consider repurposing the drug for Vicky’s eye condition.

The path is long but it feels amazing to have opened up a new potential therapeutic path for those affected by Vicky’s condition.


This project had been FULLY funded with our fundraising. We cannot thank you enough for all your support! ❤️ What you are making happen is amazing ❤️

Last but not least, the cell lines and models created by Professor Mariya Moosajee lab are now available to the full scientific community. We already donated them to researchers in Paris to accelerate their work of almost 1 year!

Given the success of the project so far, we are considering extending it for another year to do further validation on the lead drug and screen a few other drugs. More to come… but now more than ever we need you to continue to help us❤️To donate go to our justgiving page 🙏🙏🙏

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