Help me see the world

before i lose my sight


Help me see the world before I lose my sight

Eyes On The Future- Virtual Gala

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Hi, my name is Vittoriaa happy and sweet 6 year old girl.


I suffer from a rare disease, called Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA),


a severe form of retinal dystrophy that progressively leads to blindness.


Happy Birthday Vicky!


What would be a better moment than Vicky’s birthday AND Christmas to raise money? 🎂🎄



Virtual Gala- Eyes on The Future

A few guinea pig friends 😜 + a Zoom link + a Challenging Quiz 🥸
Let’s see how it goes !

Global Disability Day 


Because you can read with your finger and see with your heart ❤️


is my Journey to experience

as many activities and places

as I can until I can still see.

My family, together with other families,

are supporting researchers to find a cure

to this rare disease.